Error: DSGET is returning "dsget failed:The server is not operational."



I am trying to return a TON of info off of my domain. Here is the
line I am using:

dsquery user -samid "*" -limit 31000 | dsget user -fn -ln -samid
-email -c > users.txt

It has worked in the past, but since I have upgraded the Domain
Controllers to 2003 and upgraded the domain and forest funtional
levels to 2003 native, I get this error. It doesn't spit this out
right away. It gives me about 300 line outputs of this message and
then dies.

Basically I have 30000 users and "obviously" I am trying to get a text
based output of users firstname, Lastname, email, and Samid.

Anyone seen this error message?

Google and Microsoft support show no info reguarding this error.
Thought I would ping this group before paying for MS support! :)


Ryan Hanisco


You might try setting the limit to 0. This will return all possible
objects rather than being tied to a set number.

There is also a GPO setting for, "Maximum size of Active Directory
searches" that will limit the returns for many types of AD searches.
You might try setting this as well.

Let me know if you need other help.

Ryan Hanisco

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