Error code 47 (USB hd)



While I like the concept of Returnil, I have also had problems with that
product. For me (and reported by others), it slammed CPU usage to 100%
which destroyed responsiveness of my computer. This was even when it
was quiescent (loaded but not running in its safe mode).
I used an old version of Returnil without any problem. Then I used the
last version and worked well, but it should install a driver that
interferes with something.
While I use
virtual machines (VMs) to isolate trial, unknown, or untrusted software,
I wanted to use Returnil for temporary protection without the slowdown
incurred by using a VM. Hardware is emulated in software except the CPU
in a VM but Returnil allows access to the real hardware and only
virtualizes the disk I/O (to discard changes in the virtualized disk)
which *should* incurs little impact to the host.
I tried to do the same, but now I'm using again MS Virtual PC (I usually
don't see any noticeable slowdown).
The impact from disk
virtualization was neglible (benchmarks showed such a small change in
performance that their statistical variation in multiple measurements
would swamp the reported performance decrease) but the 100% CPU usage
results in making my host unusable. I finally gave up on Returnil when
it generated BSODs on reboot (to exit its safe mode and reboot back into
normal [non-virtualized] mode). The crashes didn't damage any files but
I didn't care for a product that crashed on exit even though a reboot
was needed anyway to switch modes. Returnil loaded, switch into safe
mode, do stuff, exit safe mode which requires a reboot, BSOD, hit Reset
to do another reboot, and finally back into normal mode.
You got problems with that software and I got problems; mmmm...
I encountered the 100% CPU usage bug that has been reported by other
users for several years. I hit the anti-executable bug reported 10
months ago (
Then I hit the BSOD bug on safe mode exit that I reported 5 months ago
( That was the
last straw and I got rid of Returnil. Their development team is too
slow or underpowered as it takes way too long for them to fix critical
defects in their software.
I think you're right.
Better start saving backup images of your partitions at regular
intervals rather than rely on the cleanup actions of an uninstaller.
I do daily partial backups of my important file, but I did the last
image about 2 years ago (totally useless, now), too slow.
I also use erunt to do a sort of uninstall procedure; anyway, a registry
backup could be always useful. :)



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