Error code 10. exterior disk & Firewire



I have a new 80GB HD which is external and in a Newtion Technology Corp,
1035-00 IEEE 1394 SBP2 Device. It has 1 USB output and 3 Firewire outputs.

It works fine in USB, but I cannot see the drive in Firewire output, even
though I can hear the MS sound wqhen I connect the Firewire to the external

In HDW Device manger it shows up with an yellow exclamation mark. Windows XP
cannot find a more up to date driver for it ( I think only USB takes
drivers, anyhow).

I get error code 10 in Device manager.

The cable is fine, becasuse it works with my digital camcorder.


Sep 11, 2005
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I do have the same code 10 problem with my external hard disk. Please let me know if you resolved this issue.

Thank you.

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