Error calculating date




please help me to resolve this issue, the following formula works fine till
31 Dec 2005, when year changes to 2006 it just stop caculating the date,
formula I'm using to caculate date & year is:

Date 25/01/2007 (<--- This is the current date)

D 28 December 2005 P5 1
D 01 December 2005 P3 1
D 15 December 2005 P4 1
D 13 January 2006 P4 0 (<----This Value always came wrong)
D 25 October 2005 P2 3
D 01 December 2005 P5 1
D 29 October 2005 P5 2
D 22 December 2005 P1 1
D 31 December 2005 P3 1

Please help me out...

Roger Govier


It gives 0 because it fails on the first test
Year($E$2)-Year(E9) =1

Maybe you could use

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