Error after sync



Can anyone suggest how to fic=x this error:

Detailed technical information follows:
Date and Time: 8/26/2007 10:14:46 PM
Machine Name: DELL
IP Address:
Current User: DELL\Richard Filiberto

Application Domain: C:\TMW8\
Assembly Codebase: file:///C:/TMW8/AddinExpress.OL.2005.DLL
Assembly Full Name: AddinExpress.OL.2005, Version=3.4.908.2005,
Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e69a7e0f3592d2b8
Assembly Version: 3.4.908.2005
Assembly Build Date: 6/27/2002 2:06:50 AM

Exception Source: AddinExpress.OL.2005
Exception Type: System.NullReferenceException
Exception Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Exception Target Site: AddWindowForSearching

---- Stack Trace ----
AddinExpress.OL.ADXOlFormsManager.AddWindowForSearching(HostHandle As
IntPtr, ItemType As AdxItemType)
AddinExpress.OL.2005.DLL: N 1282 (0x502) IL
As ADXOlExplorerArguments)
AddinExpress.OL.2005.DLL: N 0090 (0x5A) IL
AddinExpress.OL.ADXOlFormsManager.DoExplorerNew(ExplorerArgs As
AddinExpress.OL.2005.DLL: N 0008 (0x8) IL


Try to re-run the TM add-ins.

Go to File --> setup -->general--> workstation level.
Click on the Additional Program Setup buttons.
It should automatically find the apps that need to add-in.
You can also select the word processor button. It should clear the error.

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