Error 553 when sending mail in Windows Mail


Zeljko Milak

I have problem sending mail in Windows Mail (Vista Home Premium x64). When
try to send e-mail this message apears "Error 553 sorry, that domain isn't in
my list of allowed rcpthost". I have also installed Norton 360, and Windows
firewall is on. My pop and smtp servers worked fine when I was using Outlook
express or Thunderbird on Windowx XP.
My question is wher can I set up rcpthost on Vista?




Gary VanderMolen

You have paraphrased the error message, so some subtle details may
be missing. Next time, right-click on the error message, copy, then paste
it into a reply here.

Chances are, the reason you are getting that error message is because
you are connecting through a different network than the one the SMTP
server belongs to. Are you sending on a laptop away from home?


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