Error 25015 while installing .NET Framework 2.0




I have a problem getting NetFX 2.0 installed.

While installing the framework with Elevated Rights I get :

Error 25015: Failed to install assembly
because of a system eror: Access is denied.

If I give the user admin rights the installation works fine.

Is there a way to get around the admin rights, I really dont want to get it
to all 2000 users on our site :)

/// Johan

Michael D. Ober

You can do a "managed" install via GPO or use WSUS to install. Both work
around this problem.

BTW, I use managed installs for just about everything, including Adobe 7.05
Reader, Windows 2000 SP4, a utility to clean up User Profiles when people
log out, .NET Framework 2.0 and the enterprise code access security policy,
as well as several custom applications.

None of my users had administrative privs.

Mike Ober.

Michael D. Ober

One other thing - you'll need to install the Windows Installer 3.1, which
WSUS will do for you automatically. If you use GPO, you'll need to put this
in your installation suite as well and mark the .NET Framework as dependent
on it.


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