Error: 0x80070005 Access is denied Backup failed.



I posted this in another group and haven't received a response, also I
notice another poster here had the same problem but doesn't seem to have had
it resolved. So, I'm trying again...:)

I tried using the backup feature on my vista lasptop for the first time and
received the above error message. i am the only user on the computer and
have administrator rights.

The error message was accompanied by the following information:

the backup did not complete successfully
an error occured the following information might help you resolve the error
access is denied.
Error: 0x80070005 Access is denied Backup failed.

I was backingup some of the contents of the local disk (c) and had unchecked
the recovery disk.
In addition, before the backup began it asked for permission to format the
dvd i was backing up to. I gave this permission and now it seems the disk
is unusable for anything even although it is still empty. please excuse my
ignorance as i don't know alot about computers. I've been using windows 98
for the past 13 years. ;))

Any advice would be
appreciated. TIA


thanks for your reply Michael. I have checked both these settings and D:\
is not selected as a back up source in either of the settings. Any other
advice? Please?


HI Lemmy ,

Looks like we are both stuck and Microsoft does not have an answer for
this ....
GUYS HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Hanley

For my Automatic Backup destination I bought a 160 GB external hard drive
(k: in my system) for about $60, which works without problems. I initially
tried using DVD's but it took way too long and never did seem to finish.
An external hard drive will reduce your heartburn considerably.


ok.. fair enough...but should I REALLY have to buy an external hard drive
(more £'s) to back up on to when the OS is supposed to do it without it??
I'm not even trying to back up huge amounts, just photos, and even then,
there aren't that many.

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