epson777 banding



I have a Epson 777 printer that has started to leave band marks while
printing photos. I tried the using the print head cleaning utility
that came with the printer but to no avail. I have read here at this
newsgroup about using ammoniated water to clean print heads. Has
anyone had this banding problem and cleared it up by cleaning the print
heads? I just went out and bought another printer from
Staples(Canon Pixma 4000) and it is sitting in the box until I use up my ink
in my Epson. If the Epson banding problem can be
beaten then I would return the Canon.

Arthur Entlich

Can you be more specific as to what you are calling banding?

Do you mean that areas of the image are missing one of more colors or
that you are getting lines of extra color through the image and margins?

What does the nozzle test look like?

If you believe you have some clogged nozzles, email me at the address
above and ask for the Epson Cleaning Manual. It is free of charge and
it has a lot of instructions on how to clean the heads on an Epson
inkjet printer.


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