Epson stylus cx5200



I just built a new computer: asus p4r800-v deluxe mobo, intel p4 2.8
gig, 512 meg crucial ram. My printer prints really slowly and then
comes to a halt hlfway through the third page resulting in having to
print only two pages at a time. It takes about a minute a page and
prints haltingly. Any suggestions??
Thanks in advance! :?:

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Arthur Entlich

Make sure you have adequate space on whichever drive you are using for
the printer spooler.

Also, Epson often suggests certain parts of their driver be turned on or
off depending upon the configuration, so you may have to check some FAQs
on their website.

On some models having the paper thickness position set for thicker paper
or envelopes can slows the printer down.

Lastly, if you are using a USB hub to attach the printer, make sure it
is externally powered.


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