Epson C62



I have a problem with my ink levels. The black is half full but the colour
is empty. Am trying to print just black but all I get is messages saying my
ink is empty and to replace it. What can I do.

Cheers all. Jim




It won't print if one of the cartridges is empty. You can't just tell it to
print in black. Epson's don't work that way.



Arthur Entlich

You can replace the color. It will not print with just black even if
you are only using the black ink, with an empty color cartridge.

If you are not planning on using the color ever, maybe you can get
someone to reset the chip for you, and reinstall it, because leaving the
color head dried out may damage it. If you eventually want to use the
color again, try to get the chip on the cartridge reset, and fill the
cartridge with Windex which will keep the heads wet and clean (if you
want to print in color, you will have to replace that cartridge with one
filled with ink).

Even if you never print with color ink, the color cartridge will slowly
be used up during cleaning cycles which occur each time the printer is
tuned on or if you do a black cleaning.

If you want to use only black ink, even with graphics, make sure the
driver is set to black ink only, or even black images will be printed
using the colored inks.


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