Epson 2100 problem



I'm having problems with my Epson 2100 at the moment. I always print
borderless prints - usually A4 or A3 size and I'm finding I get weird
banding problems in just the top and bottom 1/2" of the print. The main body
of the print is fine it's just the top and bottom where the problem is. I
find that if I clean the heads then that might cure it and sometimes not.
Sometimes the top will print ok but the bottom will have banding. I can do a
nozzle check before I print and it'll be perfect but if I then do a nozzle
check at the end of the print (after getting banding probs) the pattern is
all over the place with missing segments and ink from one colour showing in
the colour next door etc. I've tried to show the problem in a scan here The top
print pattern is after doing an A3 print and the one below is before I
print. Hopefully the sample prints will give an idea of the banding problem
I'm getting. I only ever use genuine epson inks.

Many thanks


Arthur Entlich

I have addressed your concerns via private mail after having received
this posting privately this morning.

The part that might be of general interest to Epson printer users on
this list is as follows:

The reason you are noticing printer quality problems is due to the way
the heads operate on the first and last 1/2" of the printing process.
Basically, the heads move down the page and microweave using different
nozzles to "fill in" as they go. This is done to help lessen visible
problems when a nozzle clogs. However, the way the head operates during
the printing of the first and last areas is different. You will notice
the paper remains stationary for these area while they are being
printed. Anyway, that amplifies any defects with nozzles, and not only
full clogs, but partial one which I refer to as "deflected nozzles"
where the ink gets squirted off center and lands on the paper slightly
out of position.

The fix for all of this is to get the heads cleaned up properly so the
nozzles are all firing at full capacity. This is where my manual may
help. All Epson printers develop build up of dried ink under the heads
and this causes intermittent nozzle performance, and also makes the
cleaning cycles less effective. Also, the heads don't seal on the
parking area and therefore dry out more rapidly.


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