Epson 1200 Waste inkpad misaligned (TIA)



A few weeks ago I cleaned up my Epson 1200, the result has
been excellent. Today when printing I was getting a little spatter
in the borders, mostly blue, so I thought that perhaps the waste
inkpad was oversaturated with cleaning solution or ink. It seems
a little wet in there... So I went in to dry things up.

Hastily, without refamiliarizing myself with all the procedures, I
turned the large wheel, moved the print and head assembly,
and sopped up the top of the waste inkpad with my blue
absorbent paper.

At that point the tray holding the waste ink pad dislocated its resting
position and I felt my heart sink. It seems to have sprang up. Does
anyone have a remedy to reset the waste ink tray and pad? Can you
suggest where to find a article, text or manual covering this procedure?

I recall that this isn't an easy thing to fix. I feel that I have really
bumbled it. If you can help I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advanced for your time.


Arthur Entlich

You are actually speaking of the head cleaning station, not the waste
ink pads, which are under the printer mechanisms.

In general these have two springs under them. If they didn't become
dislodged (they sit on two sets of pegs that keep them in place, two on
the top portion of the cleaning station which has the small pads in it,
and two on the bottom part of the unit). If they are still in position,
you usually just have to gently press back down until the unit pops back
in place. If the springs have been sprung out of position, it become
more difficult and you may need some tweezers of other tools to get them
back in place before trying to place the unit back together.


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