Envelope to notify of new mail in system tray has disappeared



I still get the chime sound when a new e-mail arrives in my inbox, but the
little white envelope that used to appear whenever I got a new e-mail is
gone. I haven't changed any of my settings. It seems to be on vacation or
something. Any suggestions?

If it matters I am running Gmail thru Windows Mail and haven't had any
problems sending or receiving e-mails. It's just that the envelope no longer


Gary VanderMolen

Make sure your tray icon settings are correct.
Right-click on the taskbar, Properties, Notification Area.
Either uncheck "Hide inactive icons", or else click "Customize".


I'm having the same problem, Gary. I don't have a "hide inactive icons" box,
and when I click customize I get a "how to" box, but I don't know what to
look for. wks


I'm sorry - I must not have done something right the first time. This time it
worked - thanks so much.

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