Enum Delcarations



I have a public enums declared as below in a project named "mfirstSolution"

Imports ......
Imports .....

Public Enum myEnum1
End Enum

Public Class myClass
Private v_EnumValue as myEnum1
Public Property myProperty () as myEnum1
Return v_EnumValue
End Get
Set (ByVal Value as myEnum1
v_EnumValue = Value
End Set
End Class

This works in a standalone solution but when I have another project and add
this project to the that solution, I get a build error stating that "myEnum1"
is Ambiguous in NameSpace "myfirstsolution". Any help would be appreciated.



Chris Smith

Did you create the enum in both projects? If so, then you most likely need
to create a design that doesn't require you define the enum in both
projects, and is not necessary and, as you seen doesn't really work that
well anyway.

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