Entity framework and custom-ORM interoperability


Yash Ganthe


Is it possible for Entity Framework to interoperate with other ORMs?

We have an ORM based on the CSLA framework. An entire Enterprise
application has been developed using this. We would like to add all
future entities using Entity Framework. Is it easy to use EF-based
entities along with existing custom-ORM-based entities? Will there be
issues in Transaction management across entities managed by different
Has anybody had any experience with something similar?


Miha Markic

Hi Yash,

You should ask yourself why do you want to mix two ORMs in first place. I
guess you know why.
I don't see any problem mixing the two as long as you understand that the
two are separate from each other.
I assume you can perform mixed transaction operations as long as both ORMs
support System.Transactions.Transaction and you use it.

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