End of folder names not visible in Outlook 2003



I have a recurring problem with Outlook 2003 on my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop:
the ends of the folder names keep disappearing. When I close Outlook and
reopen, then the ends of the folder names reappear, but once I start moving
emails about and replying to them, the problem starts again, and the ends of
the names disappear again. It doesn't always apply to all of the folder
names, and its typically just the last three letters that disappear, but it's
really annoying, and makes it harder work to locate folders. (I've got an
extensive folder system that I use to file my emails.) Can anyone help me
resolve or rectify this problem? Thanks.

Roady [MVP]

What is the exact build number of Outlook? Help-> About
Can you repro this in Outlook Safe Mode?
Start-> Run; outlook.exe /safe

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