Enabling WMI Access Permissions using group Policy?




Is there a way to provide WMI Access Permissions using
Group Policy in a Windows 2000 Domain? What I want to
accomplish is to permit a domain group with non-
adminstrator members Read access to WMI on some 200 Win2K
servers without running WMI Control on each server.

In Group Policy it seems you can only enable WMI Control
Access, which means you still need to run WMI Control
individually on each server to grant WMI permissions for
a user or group.

The goal is to allow users to read WMI data for
monitoring performance data on the servers, but the
users cannot be members of the local or domain admin

It looks like Microsoft has provided this capability in
Server 2003. Is there a tool or utility that enables it
for Win2K domain controllers? Or is there a better



Philip Nunn

I think your DC's have to be running Windows 2003 Server for WMI filtering
in GPO's. I believe this is the only way.

Philip Nunn

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