Enabling macro causes crash???


D. Burke

I have a rather large spreadsheet model with a number of
macros. Up until a few days ago all was fine, but
recently it wouldn't open (the infamous error box would
appear and excel would restart). Upon restarting
it "fixed" the error by turning off my macros - making my
model useless. Every once in a while (typically when I
first boot up my computer in the morning) it will work,
but anytime after that - no luck.

I'm made some modifications to my macros but nothing
extensive. I turned of the macro that runs on startup
(creates a commandbar menu) and that helped at first but
it still fails me.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting??



Jan Karel Pieterse


Two things come to mind:

1. Download and use Rob Bovey's code cleaner from

2. Export your file to HTML format and read that file back
in. Then save as normal workbook.


Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel TA/MVP

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