Enable sharing of Folders for Domain Users on windows XP Professional


JM Brockhoff


Here's something we've been strugling with for some time now.

Ik know file sharing in winxp is no problem if you're an administrator
and have enabled sharing. But how do we enable sharing for "normal"
domain users? Logged on as a user de sharing tab is simply missing.

I just won't believe it's simply not possible to share folders on a
windows prof workstation as a domain user.
The domain user is not a member of the local administrators group and
has limited rights on filesystem and registry.

I reviewed alse the GPO but in there I can't find a setting to enable
sharing of folders.




David Candy

Get the domain admin to set the share and give permission to the user to access it. You also need to give them file permissions.

JM Brockhoff

Thanks, but that's not what I mean, In this way the domain user is NOT
allowed to share folders. Even if the user is owner of the folder. The
sharing tab is simply missing. As a local admin sharing is no problem
en ofcourse for a domain admin sharing is no problem.
On NT4, users could share folders on wich they had the right
permissions. On Windows XP this won't work...?

Any ideas?


Oct 12, 2012
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Dear JM Brockhoff,

you can enable sharing permissions to normal user without adding administrative privileges.

Open with Administrative previliges
Control Panel->Administrative tool->Local Security Settings

expand "Local policies" find it on left side pane
-> "User Rights Assingment"
Double Clisk "Act as part of the operating system"
Add the user to whom you want to give sharing permission
That's it
Now the user can able to share the folder

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