Employee time punch form



I have a table containing two fields - Employee_ID and Time_Stamp.

I've already created a form that scans in Employee_IDs; and once any
Employee_ID is scanned in, the ID and scanned time is recorded to the table.
In addition to what it already does, the form needs to populate the
employee's punch time records for the current week.

For example: (current date and time is Wednesday 9:02 am)

(Form view before update)
Employee ID: ___________________

(Form view after update)
Employee ID: 1001 (Scanned)

Employee ID: 1001
Mon: 9:00 am
Mon: 5:00 pm
Tue: 8:59 am
Tue: 5:01 pm
Wed: 9:02 am




In the table, I would have my times set up, like time arrived, time departed,
etc. Then just have command buttons on your form for, say, time in time out.
You should use the Onclick event of the command button. Right click on the
button, go to properties, event, and select that. Then type on the arrived
On the departed button:
That would save the times to the tables. Now it is just a matter ogf
creating a report with your arrived and departed values and totals.

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