Emergency: Excel 2007: unwanted array inserts itself at startup



I downloaded to my desktop, a sample of work from a coder. It was an array,
10 cells by 10 cells, with a number in each cell; there is a column of "1's",
"2's", etc. to "10"s."

When starting any worksheet, the array inserts itself on top of the existing
data. It eliminates the existing data. When I delete the cells affected by
the array, the original data is also eliminated.

I cannot create a new worksheet without this array appearing and inserting
itself and I cannot use existing worksheets because they get destroyed if I
try to delete the data in the array.

I would appreciate a way to eliminate this code that appears when Excel
starts up.

Thank you for your efforts.
Mitchell Goldstein



Luke M

Open a new workbook. I assume the array appears?
Open VBA editor by pressing Alt+F11.
In the navigation window (top-left usually) find your personal.xls workbook,
and click through the different parts until you find the one with code.
Delete this coding.
Save and close workbook.
Hopefully, that lets you open your other workbooks.

Option2: Under tools-macro, change security setting to high (or highest).
Then when you open one of your other workbooks, disable macros. This will
prevent the deletion of your data.

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