Embedding fonts in documents



Using Word 97.

I want to send someone some documents I have written using a Cyrillic
TrueType font. The recipient does not have the font on their system, so
I tried embedding the font in my documents (by checking
Tools>Options>Save>Embed TrueType Fonts), but they can only see the
Roman equivalent of the characters.

What am I missing?

Terry Farrell


It would seem that the font is embedded with that size increase. It sounds
as thought their PC is substituting the font because it thinks it doesn't
have the Cyrillic font set. I presume that it is a TrueType font set? What
happens if you send the page as an HTML email to yourself? Does your
newsreader see the Cyrillic fonts?


Brian Bradley

Confirm that the font is indeed licensed for embedding by downloading
Microsoft's Open Type Font Properties Extension utility from somewhere in
the Microsoft Typography Web site. Then a right-click on the font (in the
Fonts folder) will show you which LEVEL of embedding, if any, the font is
licensed for -- or prohibited from. It answered my
why-can't-I-embed-this-font situation a while back.

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