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Richard Wright

Hi Everyoune - I need your help! I'm trying to create a database for my
church that will display a picture of the family or individual who's record
is active on my form. It seemed straight forward at first, but I can't get
it to work. I'm using Access XP 2003, but the Menu box indicates Access
2000 file format. My field type is OLE Object. In my form I right click on
the field box then I select "Insert Object ..." another box appears in which
I select "Create from file" I select the file (photo) and click on "OK",
but instead of seeing the expected photo I see the filename. Then if I
double-click in the field box the picture comes up in "Picture Manager".
What I'm I doing wrong? Is there anyway to just have the photo displayed
within the actual field box on the form? TIA - Rick

kingston via AccessMonster.com

I don't know if this holds for Access XP 2003, but in general, embedding
graphics files into Access databases is a bad idea because the database size
ballons tremendously. Place all of the pictures in a folder where the
database resides and use text fields to link to the files. Then use
something like the following in your form:

PictureControl.Picture = "Path\File.jpg"

This way, the database will manage the links rather than the actual pictures
and you can avoid all of the bloat.


There's an "image" control on the toolbox thing that allows you to drag a
control in which you can insert an image. Not saying you can't do it the
way you are (I dunno), but this is the way I've been doing it.

Open your form/report/whatever in design mode and if the little toolbox
window doesn't appear, hit view>toolbox (it could be "docked" up top, but I
don't think it is by default).

Once it opens, make sure the "control wizards" button at the top of it is
selected, then left click the "image" icon (still in the toolbox window) and
then left-click and drag in your form where you want the picture. The
control wizard will pop up and give you a chance to point to the appropriate

There are different ways to "add" images to your databases. If you imbed
them, particularly when you're dealing with photos, you're db will rapidly
grow in size and you might run into an issue because of it exceeding the max.

Others may disagree, but I'd think linking the pictures (you can change to
linking by selecting the image control in your form/report and going to
properties (f4) and on the format tab near the top changing "image type")
would be the better way to go most of the time. Only if your db might be
moved around or you plan on having multiple users in various locations across
a multi server location would I think linking might be a pain.

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