Emailing formula results




I have a worksheet in which i have formulas to check if dates entered have
expired (i.e cell value equals expiry date on drivers licence, next cell has
formula that will answer Y or N if the date entered is 30 days or less for

Drivers Licence Expiry Date Is Licence Valid
DD/MM/YY Y (if more than 30 days before expiry
N (if less than 30 days before
expiry date)

how do i send a notification email to myself if the formula answers N (less
than 30 days before expiry date). In the email i would like it to say:

"Name of person" (who's licence is about to expire (data available in
preceeding cells)), "Drivers Licence" (type of document) will expire on "date
of expiry", please book training / renewal.

I also have many other cells which i require this for (it is a training
matrix and i need to be notified of any training that is about to expire)

any ideas?


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