Email with photos


K.C. Yuen

I cannot open photos sent to me not by attachments. I only get a window
with a small red cross on the left top corner. Clicking left or right cannot
or save the photo. Is this normal? I am using OE6 Windows XP Home.



Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

The problem may be with the individual sending the photo but try the
following. Open OE, go to Tools, select Options, go to the Security tab,
remove the check from "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that
could potentially be a virus," click apply and ok. If these do come in as
attachments be sure to save them to some other location on your hard drive
and scan them for viruses.

REMEMBER: most people receive viruses from friends, family members and/or
people they know as the most common way for a virus to spread is for that
virus to propagate by way of a users address book. In other words, a user
doesn't usually know they are sending a virus, the send is automatic so the
user is unaware until someone notifies them or until they run a virus scan.

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