Email with notes



I am emailing with notes and everything seems to work fine except when I add
group to the EmailCCto field

I use an array to set the values but when I use a group it only picks up the
last group name, the Sendto field works fine it send to all of those users,
it is the EmaillCCto field that cause the problems, any assistance would be

Also how would I get a message box to pop up shoping me the values in the
emailCCto field

Dim objNotesSession As Object
Dim objNotesMailFile As Object
Dim objNotesDocument As Object
Dim objNotesField As Object

'On Error GoTo errmsg
emailsendto = Array("(e-mail address removed),", "(e-mail address removed),",
"(e-mail address removed),", "(e-mail address removed),", "(e-mail address removed),",
"(e-mail address removed)") '' Required - Send to address
EMailCCto = Array("THMD-Sales Administration,", "THMD-National Accounts,",
"THMD-Region 100,", "THMD-Region 200,", "THMD-Region 300,", "THMD-Region
400,", "THMD-Region 500,", "THMD-Region 600,", "NASSMT") '' Optional

'EMailBCCTo = "" '' Optional
EmailSubject = " Daily Sales Report"
''Establish Connection to Notes
Set objNotesSession = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession")

''Establish Connection to Mail File
Set objNotesMailFile = objNotesSession.GETDATABASE("", "")
''Open Mail

''Create New Memo
Set objNotesDocument = objNotesMailFile.CREATEDOCUMENT

''Create 'Subject Field'
Set objNotesField = objNotesDocument.APPENDITEMVALUE("Subject", EmailSubject)
'With objNotesField
' .appendtext "Daily Sales Report"
'End With
''Create 'Send To' Field
Set objNotesField = objNotesDocument.APPENDITEMVALUE("SendTo", emailsendto)
''Create 'Copy To' Field
Set objNotesField = objNotesDocument.APPENDITEMVALUE("CopyTo", EMailCCto)

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