Email prompt for every automated message sent



We use Word's merge to email, and a 3rd party program to
send messages (by the 100's, to students, no spam involved)
out via Outlook. We've been doing this for years, then
Outlook 2002 comes along. I know using an Exchange server,
the security settings can be modified to eliminate the
prompt as each message is sent (the " A program is trying
to automatically send e-mail on your behalf. Do you want to
allow this? ... message). Well, we don't use an exchange
server and this is a mission critical application. Is there
any registry setting or anything else anyone knows of to
turn this off? Or should I just roll back my version...

Thank you.



Sue Mosher [MVP]

The security dialogs that pop up when an application tries to access certain Outlook properties and methods are designed to inhibit the spread of viruses via Outlook; see If you are a standalone user, Outlook provides no way to suppress this behavior. However, you can use a free tool called Express ClickYes ( to click the security dialog buttons automatically. Beware that this means if a virus tries to send mail using Outlook or gain access to your address book, it will succeed.

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