Email Attachments not received



I send a lot of emails generated from Excel via Lotus notes which attach a
xls file zipped to a lot of different companies. I have found that anybody
who has Outlook is not receiving the attachement. The VBA code I use attaches
the file to the email below what appears to be a page break. The text in the
email is received and if I resend the email and attach the file using the
paper clip there is no problem at the other end. Can anybody advise why this
is happening and if there is a way around this.


I also am having an issue. Suddenly the text messages with an attached
picture I send from my cell phone to Outlook 2007 at work are stripped of
their attachments. All I get is text. People who use Outlook 2003 receive the
pictures attached but not those who use 2007. It is 2010. Why is this a
problem in a relatively older product that has had plenty of time to be

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