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Please can somebody help me. I installed a pop up blocker and it installed a
damn toolbar onto IE6. I have deleted the program from my add/remove but the
toolbar is still there. From advice from another site i downloaded hijack
this but dont know what to do. I dont understand this sort of thing. Please
can somebody advice me on how to get rid of this elite? Thank you


If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed then you can do this from
internet explorer.

Click on Tools > Manage Add-Ons > Highlight your Elite tool bar and Select

If you do not have SP2 then open "hijack This" > Click on the Scan button >
A list of startup files and settings etc will appear. You are looking for
ones that start with "02 - BHO:", one of these should be your elite toolbar.
Tick the box and select fix checked. You will need to make sure Internet
Explorer is closed before you do this though.


Thank you for replying. I do not have SP2. I have run Hijack this and no 02
BHO's were listed. Does that mean that i have finally got rid of the little
blighter? I fixed all that had elite on them which were 2 and also one called
miracle search. Am I clear? Thank you


go to thier website searchmiracle.com and run the uninstall tool at the
bottom left of the page

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