Eliminate blank lines



I do appreciate this resource!!!

My report is a list of property files identified by control numbers (CN).

There are with 3 fields for each CN -- Description, Address, City.

Each of the 3 fields has a label.

I can make the label of an empty field invisible with code:

Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)

'Suppress label when field is empty.

Dim blnDescription As Boolean

'Determine if field is empty.

blnDescription = Not IsNull(Me.Desc)

'Set Visible property for labels.

lblDescription.Visible = blnDescription

End Sub

I have set the CanShrink property for the 3 fields to Yes.

I have set the CanShrink property for the Detail section to yes.

Access still leaves a blank line for an empty field.

How can I eliminate the unnecessary blank lines?

Jeff Boyce

?Any chance there's another control located directly to the right from this
control in question? It could be holding the space "open"...


Ah, I see. The field most likely to be empty is to the right of the CN
control. So, naturally, Access won't eliminate that line.

The other two fields work just fine.


I will redesign the report a bit!

Thanks a lot.

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