Hi to all!

My problem is as follow, we had recreated (formating system partition) our
AD domain due to virus infection, but now a users can not acces her files
stored in the server becouse she encrypted the files. is there a way solve
this?, I'm not familiar with file encryptión.




Since you don't know much about EFS, I will presume that you never
set-up separate recovery agents - therefore, only the domain
administrator will be able to decrypt files (and possibly the local
admin - depending on how things were originally set-up).

Try this: Back-up the encrypted files (or folders) and restore them
to the administrator's computer (where the administrator's
certificates are stored). Then see if the administrator can read
those files.

It's my understanding that they cannot be recovered directly from the
file server - and you cannot just copy - you have to backup and

And this appears strange that the user can't recover the files. Do
you use roaming profiles? Was that corrupted? Unless the users
profiles had to be recreated.


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