Edit Hyperlink disabled using Custom Shortcut Menu



I’ve inserted a hyperlink into one of my forms via a label object. I’ve
assigned a custom Shortcut Menu Bar called “Edit Hyperlink†to the hyperlink
label. My Custom “Edit Hyperlink†Shortcut Menu includes standard access
commands such as Edit Hyperlink, Open Hyperlink, Open in New Window, Copy
Hyperlink, and Remove Hyperlink.

When I switch to form view and right click over the Hyperlink the “Edit
Hyperlink†Shortcut Menu is displayed with the commands disabled (i.e. grayed
out). Therefore I can’t use any of the commands on my “Edit Hyperlinkâ€
Shortcut Menu. Any idea as to what’s causing this?

The form has the following properties:

Allow Filters: Yes
Allow Edits: Yes
Allow Deletions: No
Allow Additions: No
Data Entry: No
Recordset Type: Dynaset
Record Locks: No Locks
Fetch Defaults: Yes
Pop Up: No
Modal: Yes
Cycle: Current Record
Shortcut Menu: Yes
Shortcut Menu Bar: FormSpecSort
Allow Design Changes: Design View Only

I'm using Access 2003.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Pat Hartman

Labels cannot be edited in form view. You need to use a textbox. Keep in
mind that if the textbox isn't bound, the change will not be saved.

Will Parsons

I am experiencing the same problem - it has to do with the control being
unbound, and control type does not matter. All the controls in my form are
unbound, and ALL shortcut menus (custom or default) appear disabled on right
click anywhere in the form. This does not happen with bound controls. All I
want to do is allow the user to browse to a file location and have the text
box hold the URL until I save the control's value to a recordset.

Any solutions?

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