edit config.nt in Vista



When ever I try to edit my config.nt file in windows\system32 to add more
file handles to run DOS application in windows Vista Basic;it says it gives
message like "could not access of create file or file not found".
Please Help

R. C. White [MVP]

Hi, Pradeep.

WHICH version of Vista? In 64-bit Vista, there is no config.nt, since
64-bit Vista will not run 16-bit programs, not even in "DOS" mode.

So the "file not found" part of the error message is correct.

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
(e-mail address removed)
Microsoft Windows MVP
(Running Windows Live Mail desktop beta in Vista Ultimate x64)


Hello Mr. White
Thanks for the reply. It is not 64 bit because I can see Config.nt and
autoexec.nt files in windows\system32 folder. It has a "command prompt"
application too.config.nt files from command prompt eg. edit config.nt the
editor displays the files on screen. I can even add lines and modify existing
lines, but when I try to save it says some thing like "the files is being
used and cannot be accessed"


Steve Easton

Did you remove the "Read only" attribute from the file before you opened it for editing?


Run notepad as administrator by right clicking on it's shortcut and select
"Run as administrator".

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