Ecma and ISO/IEC standard versions vs C# Language Specifications(ISO/IEC 23270, ECMA-334)


Stefan van Kessel


I have found conflicting unreliable information about which standard
corresponds most closely to which version of the C# Language
Specification published by Microsoft (e.g. [1] vs [2]). I don't know if
there's a normative source for that information.

There are 4 Versions of the ECMA-334 Standard ([3]1st ed, [4]2nd ed,
[5]3rd ed, [6]4th ed) and two of the ISO/IEC 23270

Ecma-334 4th ed states in the foreword "Changes from the previous
edition were made to align this Standard with ISO/IEC 23270:2006". As
far as I can tell they are virtually identical. Do these versions indeed
correspond most closely to C# 2.0? The C# Language Specifications 3.0
and 4.0 don't even explicitly state which version they mean when they
claim to be conforming with them: "C# is standardized by ECMA
International as the ECMA-334 standard and by ISO/IEC as the ISO/IEC
23270 standard. Microsoft’s C# compiler for the .NET Framework is a
conforming implementation of both of these standards."([9], [10]) Due to
the LangSpecs 3.0 and 4.0 being published subsequent to the latest
standards, I'm fairly certain they both mean ECMA-334, 4th edition and
ISO/IEC 23270:2006 but I was hoping for more clarity than just my
assumptions based on chronology of release and skimming of the tables of

Is there a new version of either an Ecma or ISO/IEC standard in the works?

With kind regards,
Stefan van Kessel

[3], 1st edition, December 2001.pdf
[4], 2nd edition, December 2002.pdf
[5], 3rd edition, June 2005.pdf
[9] Language Specification.doc

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