Easy way to edit Name Range formulas



I have some named ranges that are formulas. I need to edit the
formula. I go to Insert>Name>Define and select the Named Range whose
formula I want to edit. The formula appears in the Refers To box.
Here's the problem. The box is not large enough to show the entire
formula. Of course if I try to use any of the navigation keys in that
box (Home, End, Arrows, etc.), it starts changing the formula. I tried
copying the formula to a worksheet, editing the formula, then copying
it back and saying Add. Does not work. So I have to meticulously cut
into the formula, find where I want to edit, make the edit, then fix
all of the stuff that got messed up when I was editing.

I must be missing the easier way!




Tom Ogilvy

when you select in the Refersto box hit F2 and you will be able to move with
the arrow keys.

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