E Mail addressed in BCM from compose screen



When I am preparing an e-mail in Outlook 2007, it seems I can only access
email addresses in the primary contacts folder, not the email addressed in
BCM. How do I access email addresses in BCM from the "TO" line of an e-mail?



I am pretty sure if you click the TO button and in the upper right corner of
the contact listing is a drop down to select which folder.

Cheers :)


Thanks for your response. When I click the "TO" button there are only two
options "Out look address book" which takes me to an empty file or "Contacts"
which takes me to my personal contact folder. There is no option to get to
Business Contact folder". Sorry, I should have said that in my original
post. So, I guess the question is, how do you get the contacts that are in
the BCM to show in that drop down list?


Ah, ok..

In that case, right click on your Business Contacts folder and click

When the form opens, go to the "Outlook Address Book" Tab. You will see a
handy-dandy checkbox you can click and a field to name it something different
if needed.

Note: This applies to any type of contact folder.



HOORAY!!!!!! It worked!!! So simple, when you know the right sequence.

Thanks. You saved me LOTS of time and frustration. May the road rise up to
meet you...




I'm having the same problem that you solved for Maggie in April.... Cannot
access BCM contacts from the compose screen. When I right click on the BCM
contacts folder, "Business Contacts" appears as the name of the address book,
but the name and selection box are both shaded - I cannot select them.

Any help you could provide is greatly appreciated.

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