Dynamically Scale X Axis on Column Chart Based on Number of Catego


Andrew Lavinsky

Excel 2007:

I have a column chart, with Milestone names appearing at the X axis, and
Finish Variance displaying on the Y Axis. The chart displays the last four
variance snapshots for each milestone.

The Milestone axis is defined by a dynamic range.

The question is how I can get the chart to adjust x-axis scale based on the
number of milestones? When I delete half of the milestones, I am left with
the same scale, with the remaining milestones along the left of the chart,
and then a big empty space on the right of the chart. My preference is that
the remaining milestones would get spread out through the entire set width of
the chart.

Thanks in advance.



Jon Peltier

The Milestone axis is defined by a dynamic range.

The axis is only indirectly defined by a range, dynamic or otherwise.
How did you set up your dynamic ranges?

- Jon

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