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I am trying to set up my site using DWT . I have made the template and
attached the web pages . I have only one editable region and that is the body
.. I want to add a table to the body of the template so that all my other
pages will have a table too but I cant figure out how to do it . I have added
the table but I guess because the body is editable it is not getting added to
the attached pages . I tried to de-attach the pages and then re-attach them
and that did not work either . What is the proper way to change the layout of
a template ? Also when I de-attach a template it does not remove the
adjustments that were made to the pages such that when I re attach the pages
again the whole page gets messed up because I have 2 of everything on the web
page . Thanks

Andrew Murray

Add the table *to* the template DWT file, save and it will update all files
to which it is attached. That is the file from which other pages get that
content. Anything you put in the template will be shown on other pages -
exactly as the template shows it.

When you detach a template, the code remains behind - it doesn't actually
delete it, you have to go in manually and remove the code in code view.

When you re-attach the template without removing the template's code first,
yes, you get the template attached again, bringing with it its code. That's
one flaw I think - that the detaching a template doesn't delete the
template's code, leaving the original code of the page you're attaching it

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