Dynamic HDD unreadable in Windows XP



I've bought a new disk (to slave disk) the week before, put it on and all
work out fine. Then i decided to format my primary disk, so I move all my
files to the other disk.

After formatting the disk I found I couldn't access to the slave disk. I
didn't worry because I hadn't installed yet windows so supposed it was some
sort of little problem,, however it is a little bigger now (or bigger than
I'd suspected) because I can't access to itself. i've researched a little and
found nothing concrete.

I went to control panel, adm tool, computer manag, disk manag and found WXP
took it dynamic and (the worst) unreadable.

Since I couldn't access to files I'm really worried now (you know: WORK with
my Pc , needed some of them, finish some other docs, etc), and dont know what
to do.
I read in somewhere take the other disk to dynamic and then could-access but
i think on it as a no-good idea. Other suggestions? if someone know what to
do tellme!!!

Some Other info:

HDD - Slave: Samsung S4011N 40Gb - It is found by BIOS and WXP
Considered Dynamic (i don't reckon I had done it - I've formatted fat32-dos)
it is connected properly (by the Mtherbrd manual and disk)

expecting your advice...

Nicolas Barros Uriburu
(e-mail address removed)


Reformat the slave to a primary, switch disks, both should be
read/write-able. Buy only Western Digital or Seagate hard drives, everything
else is junk.


Didn't work, but thanks. I had found a solution: using dskprobe (win XP
support tool)
It works fine:

1 - open dskprobe
2 - go to Drives\ Physical Drives...: it opens a new window with
PhysicalDrive0 and PhysicalDrive1 as options(C, D, the hdd installed) ;
select one(double click).
3 - Select handle0 - Set active (and free for editing) -> ok
4 - in the third column of 01C0 you'll found a 42, change it for a 07 - then
go to drives...(see 2 - ) and close handle.
5 - restart
6 - you ll be able to recover the data into the disk. After recover it,
format your disk as basic.

I expect would solve someone else this little problem

Nicolas Barros Uriburu


Interesting. I did forget to ask if the HDD was SATA or not. Western
Digital gives you free tools to solve most HDD problems for free. I am glad
you found a solution.

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