DVI Dual Link and Hanns-G 19 Inch LCD Monitor



Hey Folks:

Just bought a Hanns-G 19 Inch LCD monitor that has both SVGA and DVI

I have a 2003 GeForce 4 MMX 440 video card that also has both SVGA and
DVI connections

The monitor came with what I suspect is a Single Link DVI cable and
when I connect that to my video card, I lose the monitor's Auto Config
function and abilty to set the refresh rate the SVGA connection has of
60, 70, 72, and 75, to only 60 and 75.

Shouldn't be normal, right?

I had a DVI Dual link cable sent and tried that and its worse, don't
even get a connection between the monitor and video card.

Problem with the video card or Monitor?

FWIW, the SVGA connection works fine but I'm sure a working digital
connection is best

Thanks in advance


First of One

Actually, this is quite normal. With a digital connection, very little
adjustment is necessary (aside from backlight brightness), because the
picture geometry is always "perfect". 60/75 Hz is the norm, too, since LCD
pixels are not constantly refreshed like a CRT.

The GF4 MX440 has only a single-link DVI output anyway, so there's no point
in using a dual-link cable. Single-link supports up to 1600x1200. Most 19"
panels don't go any higher.


Sorry for the late reply, appreciate your feedback, I'll swap the
sing-linl DV1 cable back in


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