DVD plays video but not sound



I have just installed a Pioneer DVD burner into my computer, and I like many
others it seems cannot hear sound when playing DVDs.
I hear sound from it when it plays an Audio cd, I have windows Media player
10 which it shows video with no sound, and also interActual player that does
the same thing. I have read through some of these posts but the solutions I
have read here don't help my problem.
I did as Touch base suggested and checked to see if the enable digital audio
for this Cd device was checked and it was.
I am running XP on a celeron 950 mhz with soundblaster card and nvidia
graphics card. Can anyone help me with this problem??


Youre problem is you dont have an authorized 3rd party decoder to run with
video/audio.It deals with royalties with dvds,try downloading a program like
powerdvd,pay the fees for audio,and it'll run.ATI cards have this ability
as they
offer a 3rd party decoder,you might find a free one at downloads.com


Firstly, I am unable to imagine a "normal" situation in which one would
have an MPEG2 video decoder but not the audio counterpart. Where did
the video CODEC come from? Strange.

Download and install "Media Player Classic" (from www.sourceforge.com).
This free player uses builtin CODECs, so if your system is missing one,
MPC should still be able to play it. Actually, MPC uses a builtin MPEG2
video decoder (such as is required to play DVDs), and I ASSUME that the
audio decoder is also builtin - I haven't actually looked into this.
It's worth a try. If nothing else, you will now have on your system a
good player that will play most files you throw at it.

Also, you can try to reinstall Windows Media Player. I believe the
setup files are within the WMP folder. This really does fix things

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