DVD combo works with DVDs only, no CD-RW recognised



I have XP profesional sp2 on a desktop computer and XP mobile edition sp2 on
a laptop. I have a external DVD combo (LITE-ON) with an USB connector. On my
laptop I can read and write DVD+/-R/RW and CD-R/RW. It works with windows and
other dc-burning software. But on my desktop windows will not recognice my
DVD-combo as CD-R or CDRW. Always I try to write to or erase a DVD-RW, the
message 'insert a cd' appears.
The DVD combo has no hardware defect (it works fine on my laptop). I
installed the latest drivers and activated the IMAPI-CD-Burner service. A
also reinstalled the whole stuff but windows still does not recognise the
CD-RW drive.
Has anyone an idee how I become the DVD combo working as CD-RW with

Bob I

Windows XP knows nothing about writing to DVDs. You must install the 3rd
party software that allows this. Look at your laptop and use the same
software that you are using there.

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