DvD changes to cd rom(raw)



First, I'm running WinXP pro, 1 gb memory, Asus K8V deluxe motherboard AMD
64, 2 internal hard drives( 200 & 100Gig) and 1 external 250Gig drive. When I
click on My Computer the drives show dvd-rw and dvd/cd-rw but when I insert
a dvd, the drive changes to cd rom and will not play, record or give me any
information. I even went out and bought a new dvd burner but same problem. My
computer also stop recognizing my Sony 300 cd digital camera when I use the
usb connection. These drives have been working fine until recently. I did
upgrade to sp2, McAfee virus scan 9 and McAfee firewall but everything seemed
to be fine until recently. I've wasted about 10 blank dvd's and am running
out of blanks. I've been using Nero to burn and InterVideo WinDVD 4 to play
Thanks, chas638

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Is it a multi-format burner... ie are you using DVD-R disks in a drive that
takes DVD+R disks?

Will it read, play and burn CDs?


It's a multi format dvd burner, it even does double layer. This is a new
drive, Mad Dod 6 - 1, I changed it from my Sony 510a that also was recognized
than changes to cd rom (raw)as soon as I put a DVD in it. My other DVD cd rw
is also having the same problem. If I go into Systems and click properties,
it will register but stops the next time unless I do it again. My usb sony
300 digital camera, which records on mini cds is also have the same problem
but I can't get it to work at all. I have to finalize the disk and put it in
one of my interior drives. I even installed Norton utilities to check my
registry, still no good. The one thing that does happen is when I shut down,
the computer starts to recognize the drives. Is there a way to check what
order WinXP shuts programs down, maybe I could find the program that's
causing this problem without uninstalling one by one and starting over.
Thanks for all your help,

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