duplicates here there and evrywhere


Big Deal

Due to a change in my cell phone service, I was using a palm treo phone and
palm desk top software and I upgraded to a service where i can use outlook!,
so I imported my contacts from palm and email from outlook express. EITH A
1) there are many duplicates in my contacts now and i was unable to run the
duplicate checker
2) only 1340 contacts emigrated from palm a few hundred did not import,
please help
3) all emails are received in duplicate
4) although i set the parameters to check for new email every minute, unless
i click on "send and receive" my email doesn't update

Russ Valentine

Sync issues are never Outlook issues. Contact Palm.
Without knowing your mail account type and configuration settings none of
your other questions can be answered. This is all end use error. You would
never set a polling interval of less than 10 minutes, for example.

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