Dumb question about creating a solution



Alledgedly I have some experience, but somehow I'm drawing a blank on
this. In VS2005 I would like to create a solution with two projects
(one is a web site). I work with these all the time, but now I can't
figure out how to do this.

Right now, if I look at my .sln files in my folder, some have a strange
icon and I can't start them by double-clicking. I can no longer open
the solution I had with two projects.





Jim Carrey,

Try to right click and select open with... select vs2005

You can create a new solution by opening the individual projects once you
have two projects open you'll by definition have a solution save it with a
new name and push on. VS2005 has an open web site option you could start
there and open your website. then add the other existing project.

Sorry if your solution doesn't come back. You can easily back up your
source code folder by right clicking and send to zip, send to cdrw, drag to
second hard drive, drag to network folder.

Good Luck

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