Dual Xeon with Multiprocessor HAL - Only 1 CPU shows up


Terry Hardie


I have a Windows XP Embedded system (SP1) with a multiprocessor ACPI HAL
loaded. The system is a dual Xeon with Hyperthreading (so 4 logical CPUs).
Only 1 CPU shows up in task manager.

Any clues on wat I should be looking for?



Nick Nehrhood /MSFT/

Hi Terry-

It sounds like your processor driver might be out of date or incorrectly
identified for your system. I would ensure that A) the correct processor
driver came into your runtime VIA the PMQ collected from the machine and if
that verifies to be true then B) try installing the latest chipset drivers
from intel.

Basically it's probably either the processor driver or the chipset drivers.
If either is not in XPe by default then you'll have to componentize the
given driver(s) to get that to work properly.


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