dual windows vista. activation problem



so i bought new hardware.
a new motherboard, a new cpu, and new ddrs.
i had vista installed on my main drive on my old system, activated and

And when i upgraded the hardware i simply booted up the computer with my
vista dvd in it.
I followed the instructions, choosed partitions since i knew that i had made
a new partition when i bought Vista Home Premium.
Or atleast that's what I thought.
No format or anything.

When the installation was done i get a choose OS screen and I see that i've
got 2 copies of Vista installed.
Thinking that there was no problem i simply reinstalled again and deleted
the OLD system partition and formated the NEW system partition and
Now i've got an activation error which tells me that the key is allready in

Vista will now do a automatic activation in 3 days(and when i click that i
want to activate now i get the error that the key is allready in use).
According to Vista it'll stop working in 30 days but i assume that it'll
nuke itself in 3 days since it wants to do a automatic activation by then.

What can I do? I dont wanna buy a new Vista key cause of Vista installing
itself on a new partition and not using the old system partition.

Please, any help appreciated asap.

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