dual processor WIn2K server question...


Brad Pears

We have a Dell Server (Poweredge 2800) and recently purchased and installed
a 2nd processor. We purchased the processor directly from Dell. They
supposedly shipped the identical processor to what was in there (based on
the service tag)... or so we thought. The machine seems to be running ok but
needs to be rebooted more often due to performance issues...

In looking in the event log on bootup, it shows the following informational
message (Source: Application popup, Event: 41)

"The CPUs in this multiprocessor system are not all the same revision level.
To use all processors the operating system restricts itself to the features
of the least capable processor in the system. Should problems occur with
this system, contact the CPU manufacturer to see if this mix of processors
is supported. "

When I go to "computer management" and look at the "system summary", it
shows the processors there - the old one shows as a stepping 4 and the new
one (I am assuming) shows as a stepping 10. Everything else appears to be
the same. They are both "x86 Family 15 Model 4 GenuineIntel" and speed for
both shows as 2992 mhz. The only difference is the stepping...

Is this something to be worried about? This must be the cause of the error
message and possibly the cause the system degradation perhaps?? It's not
real bad - but seems to be happening more often. This machine is our SQL
Server 2000 server.





Brad Pears

PS... in addition to my first post - I also noticed by using a program
called cpuZ that the revision numbers are indeed different for the two
processors... The stepping 3 processor is Revision: "N0" and the stepping
10 processor is Revision: "R0".

Gary Chanson

When you installed the second processor, did you do a repair install? If
not, you may be running the wrong HAL.

Brad Pears

Are you talking about doing a repair install of the WinSK Server OS? If so,
I did not... I had instructions specifically from Dell and they never
mentioned anything like that. As far as HAL goes, it does indicate "ACPI
multiprocessor PC" which is apparently what it is supposed to say ....

I did do a litle research on HAL and did go through the process of verifying
that it was correct...

Thanks, Brad




Gary Chanson said:
When you installed the second processor, did you do a repair install? If
not, you may be running the wrong HAL.

You do not need to perform a repair installation when adding a 2nd cpu.

I've added second cpu's to several servers and in the ones I worked on, the
2nd CPU was not recognized by the OS...

However ===>

The CPU is upgraded in the same fashion that one would install new drivers
for any hardware.

Just go into device manager and under "Computer" ...if only one CPU is
detected you'll see something like:

ACPI uniprocessor...

Then simply upgrade the driver to ACPI multiprocessor (or whatever is
appropriate) and reboot...
both CPU's should be picked up...and no need to perform a repair

Now in the case of the original post...what it looks like to me is that both
the CPU's are *in fact* different...
even though they may be marked the same...
I guess I'd talk to the vendor and get a replacement for one or the other.

I know at one time some CPU's with higher specs were labeled as lesser CPU's
simply due to manufacturing capabilities
and/or availability at the time


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