Dual Page Numbering Schemes



I am using Word 2000 and have documents that require dual
page numbering on the same page. Page X of Y is the
document page that appears in the header; Appendix Page X
of Y is the page numbering for appendices to the document
and also appears in the header.

The document pagination X of Y is not a problem, but I
cannot find a method to automatically number the Appendix
Page X of Y that does not affect the document page, or
that will automatically update the page numbers in the
same manner as the document page.

Current work-around is to insert a section break at the
end of the page and manually number each appendix page.
This is a very burdensome and time consuming work-around
on documents with large appendices. Suggestions?



I would manually insert the following fields in the Header
of each section.

{PAGE} of {SECTIONPAGES}. Where the curly brackets are
inserted using CTRL+F9.

In the Appendix section use the Header and Footer Toolbar
Page Number Format Icon to start numbering at 1.

Lisa Fuller

You can insert a SectionPages field code that will give
you the total number of pages for that section.

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